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Vanished Valley

We are a fast growing, Small-batch brewery that took flight in 2016 out of a passion for exciting craft beer and even better company. We believe in brewing only the beer that we love through commitment to precision & the highest quality.

Our brewery was named in honor of the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir, redirection and damming of the Swift River and the four towns that were disincorporated as a result of the creation of the Reservoir. Our brewery honors the memory of the work and sacrifice that was made to benefit others.

We believe in challenging limits and stretching the status quo of certain beer styles, aiming higher and creating something more than we thought possible. This is our Vanished Valley family, our VVBREWCREW.

Drink fresh. share life. be well.

Update for 12/15 sales

Check Twitter feed on sales days for "to the minute" availability on can sales days by clicking HERE.

Saturday sales update!

Tomorrow we will be introducing and releasing an exclusive IPA that we brewed for IPA Fest! Introducing the Big Bad Wolf IPA! This 6.5% ABV beer was brewed with a light and simple grain bill and features the Styrian Wolf hop from Hop Head Farms. This hop was the only hop we used in this IPA and provides herbal and almost pepper like aromas which then give way to a hint of coconut and tropical fruit flavors. THIS BEER WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN GROWLERS.

We are also very excited to announce this year's second Holiday Series beer, Joyous! This year's Joyous is a stout aged on roasted chestnuts, cloves, and Ceylon cinnamon. Tickets will be available for purchase online on December 18th at 12pm. Stay tuned for official details and the link to order your bottle!

For tomorrow sales we also have some cans of Lost Town Stout on Himalayan Sea Salt and Black Cherry!

Saturday, 12/15, limits will include:
Big Bad Wolf IPA - 64 oz. max per person
Lost Town Stout on Himalayan Sea Salt and Black Cherry - Six (6) 4-packs per person at $15 per 4-pack

See you all tomorrow from 12 - 5.

Still have some holiday shopping to do too? Make sure you check out our VV merchandise and why not grab a gift card for that VV beer fan in your life!


New Brewery Hours!

Wednesdays 12pm - 6pm

Saturdays -  12pm - 5pm