Our XPerimental Series is a series of sporadic, off-the-cusp

creations that are a result of our need to create something new! 


XP #1: This ale is a lighter offering that begins with clean, crisp flavors but eventually gives way to a more sweet experience across the palate.


XP #2: This IPA provides subtle citrus notes with a balance of light malty flavors.


XP #3 DDH Amarillo: In the spirit of creating something new this IPA brings with it a light citrus and melon flavor while staying true to our signature soft mouth feel. 


XP #4 w/Galaxy: This crushable IPA brings with it powerful grapefruit notes and has been immensely enjoyed by all of us at VVBC. It wasn't easy parting with this one! (CANS)


XP #5 DDH Ekuanot: For this XP batch we set the stage with a simple malt bill and then let all the hops do the talking! Double dry hopped with another one of our favorite hops, Ekuanot, this IPA is sure to please the palate. 


XP #6 DDH Ella: This tasty IPA was an exciting batch to brew as we utilized the flavorful Australian hop, Ella. (CANS)


XP #7: This particular batch is an extension of our XP Batch #6. It contains a generous amount Ella and another one of our favorite hops, Amarillo! It's soft mouth feel gives way to a variety of citrus and melon notes. We are loving this batch and hope you will, too! * Permanent addition to canning rotation as ISO7


XP#8 DDH Mosaic: This tasty IPA has flavors of tangerine and small hint of pineapple! At 6.5% ABV, it is smooth and flavorful drinking. (CANS)


XP#9 - For this batch we decided to showcase our love for Citra and Amarillo! These hops were blended and added in varying ways across the brewing process. We pick up a lot of citrus and tropical fruit flavors in this batch and know you'll love it! (CANS) * Permanent addition to canning rotation as No Trespassing IPA


XP#10 DIPA - This Double IPA has flavors of tropical fruits like grapefruit. At 8.5% ABV we are finding it extremely drinkable! (CANS)


XP#11 Pale Ale - This pale ale featuring Lemondrop hops is going to be a new favorite! At 5.5% ABV, it is light yet flavorful. (CANS)


XP#12 IPA - This New England style IPA with its 6.7% ABV features Australian Vic Secret hops that have blended with a variety of domestic hops resulting in a complexity of citrus, pineapple, and melon notes.